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So… Yeah, Dark Energy. 
We can’t see it and we don’t know what it is. So are physicists just making it up? Not at all: here are four good reasons why we think the universe is being warped by the dark side…
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SPIDER-MAN #13 (Aug. 1991)Art by Todd McFarlane 

An atomic bomb explosion.
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Whenever I see anything that involved nuclear physics it makes me wonder if these men ever considered themselves to hold the power of “the gods/god’. It also puts into perspective how ironic it is for anyone who to call themselves a god and hasn’t even done an accomplishment to this scale. Especially if you’re  primary occupation is being a rapper

Megazone 23 (1985)
We’ve all been there

"Anyone who saw Messi in the locker would understand why German players were hugging and comforting him, he congratulated the whole German NT and hold his tears but when he met his son he just burst into tears, it was a very emotional moment and players, especially his teammates, felt sorry for him because he acted so strong in front of cameras and his teammates when he was really devastated. Now we will all get concerned about his sentimental situation but we wish that he will get better soon. That’s football after all."

Oriol Maikino (via losalbicelestes)